Back in 2013, my friends Steve and Louise lost their daughter Amber at just 2 years old.  She died from a childhood cancer called Neuroblastoma.  She fought bravely, but sadly the cancer was stronger than her.  Amber’s death affected Steve, Louise, their family and all of our friends deeply.  During and after her fight with Neuroblastoma, Amber was cared for at a wonderful place called Chestnut Tree House, and ever since she died I have been raising money for them.
Chestnut Tree House is a children’s hospice, caring for 300 children and their families.  It covers Sussex and Hampshire, and despite the services they offer being absolutely vital for the children and families they help, they receive a mere 7% of the £3.5 million it costs to keep them open for a year from the Government.  All the rest of the money comes from fundraisers like me, and the generosity of people like you.
Let me be clear about Chestnut Tree House.  None of the children they care for make it to adulthood.  Everybody under their care has a life-shortening condition.  They provide hospice care, community nurses, and valuable respite for both the children and their families.  It really is the most wonderfully uplifting place you can ever spend time.  Despite the sadness around the conditions of the children, Chestnut Tree House is full of fun, laughter and the children and families absolutely love going there. 
As a father myself, I simply cannot imagine what it must be like to have a child with a life-shortening condition.  What I do know is, the world is a better place with Chestnut Tree House in it and I will fundraise for them for the rest of my life to keep them open.
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