About Me

Starting out in endurance racing as an overweight 35 year old, in 3 years I have managed to get fit enough to complete an Ironman Triathlon.

It wasn’t an easy journey, but one that has genuinely changed my life.

Now in 2017 I am going to be attempting something else.  As running was by far my weakest discipline in triathlon, I have set myself the challenge of running 13 marathons in 12 months, including a 53 mile Ultra marathon in the middle.  “Should be a better runner by the end of that” was my logic.  Can’t be faulted……..right?

For the uninitiated, an Ultra marathon is any running race longer than the standard 26.2 miles of a marathon.  So 53 miles counts!  Raced non stop it will certainly test me both physically and mentally, but I am more than up for the challenge.